Posted Aug 04, 2015 by Elmers
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    DIY Learning Games

    Create these fun and educational family games!
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    Supplies Needed


    1. Before playing the games, make a blank game board. Just make it generic, so you can play all different sorts of games.
    2. Cut cardstock into 2″ strips
    3. Take strips and cut every 2″, to make 2×2 squares. These squares will be the spaces on the game board.
    4. Next, using the Elmer’s Boardmate Extra-Strength Glue to glue the squares on the foam board.
    5. Now that the game board has been made and you have used a Painters pen to mark the start and finish, make a ‘shaker’ for the alphabet beads.
    6. Take the plastic creamer bottle and remove wrapper. Add alphabet beads. I used some duct tape to wrap around the bottle and then used the painters markers to write the name of our 1st game on the bottle.
    7. Game is finished and it’s time to play! The example game is called, Spell a Word, each player gets 5 letters from the shaker. If they can make a word, they lay it down and then move a space. If they can’t make a word, they can exchange their letters for new ones, but then they will lose a turn.

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